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This building was initially built in 1867, as St. Mark's Anglican Church, on farmland owned by John Sparrow. It was later moved to the heart of Cumberland Village. The church was a beloved and integral part of the community for 150 years. However, as attendance declined, the church was sold. In 2019, we seized the opportunity to help reinvigorate the space by updating and brightening up the interior, maintaining the timeless charm of the exterior. A unique event venue at the crossroads of old and new emerged. The former church was renamed to the Cumberland Belle, with a familiar mission: bringing people together.  


About usThe first time we saw this space, we knew it had immense potential. We fell in love with the cathedral ceiling, stained glass windows, the community and its history. We wanted the space to continue bringing people together - whether it be for weddings, music concerts, book launches, or other events. In fact, we are holding our own wedding here in September.    But don’t take our word for it – come see for yourself at what this beautiful space has to offer!


Michael & Manal


Mary Calotes Photography